First Visit

What to Expect

If you would like to become a new patient in our practice, we are delighted and hope you will agree that getting to know one another is extremely important before entering a long-term relationship. Dr. McCann does not wish to provide long term care and concern for strangers and feels that since every person has infinite worth, each new patient deserves the courtesy of getting to know their doctor before deciding to move ahead with treatment. 

Dr. McCann feels that it is important for you to be comfortable with him, and he with you, to determine whether you are a match for our practice. Dr. McCann will review your completed Acquaintance, Health History and Dental Questionnaire forms, and then sit and get to know you before you are escorted to the treatment area.

Dr. McCann will want to listen to you as you share your experiences, hopes, and desires for improving your health and discuss the nature of the three “dis-eases” we all battle related to dentistry. When you conclude that you wish to learn more about your health, and you would like to enter a process of discovering the level of your health with Dr. McCann, then a truly comprehensive co-discovery evaluation can occur in the treatment area of our office. 

Dr. McCann will not know how long to make any treatment appointments until after the comprehensive evaluation is completed. This means that no treatment is completed, including adult prophylaxis (what most people refer to as a regular cleaning), at your initial visit because you and Dr. McCann will not know what treatment is appropriate for your level of health until after the comprehensive evaluation.